2020 A Year to Remember

Like many of you, we started 2020 reaching for the stars. What a great year in vision, right? How many fun things could we do with this year? As we stared strong, we were quickly faced with having an office in the first area of infection for COVID-19. Then, as the virus and concerns spread, so did our need to keep our employees and patients safe. As a result, we were forced to close our clinics around that state until we could ensure a safe clinic to our patients.

Now, as some of you may know, we are back operating in full swing. This may bring a lot of questions to our patients, what are vision offices doing to keep patients safe? The eyes and face are the largest areas in which this virus can enter to body. So, we took on this task and want to advise that we have successfully been operating for several months under the CDCs recommendations.

As many places you go now, our offices may look different, but we want you to be aware of what you can expect when you come in.

Per the CDC guidelines, this is what we are doing in our offices every day:

  1. Non-contact thermometer readings
  2. Ask staff and patients if they have any COVID symptoms (cough, shortness of breath, etc. see CDC flyer below)
  3. Clean all equipment with 70% alcohol or more or bleach solution approved by CDC between each patient and before and after all patients have been seen
  4. Hand washing for at least 20 seconds between each patient, before eating, after eating, before and after using the restroom. If hand washing is not available, using 70% or higher isopropanol wipes or hand sanitizer
  5. Social distance between staff and not sharing equipment, or writing utensils
  6. Signage within our office to ensure social distancing
  7. Cleaning frames after each use
  8. Limiting the number of patients in the office and how many patients can go into the exam room
  9. Utilizing as much disposable equipment as possible
  10. Keeping patient logs in case we need to do contact tracing

Per Governor Polis, we do require everyone who enters our clinic to wear a face covering until further notice.

Please know that we love what we do. From our doctors, optometrists, receptionist, and staff we want to serve our patients to the best of our ability. We know that vision cannot wait, so we are doing our part to protect those who trust us with their health as we partner with the community to fight this disease, together!

If you are due for your exam and have any questions, please feel free to contact us to discuss any concerns you may have.

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