Are you making eye health mistakes?

If you are making mistakes, don’t worry you’re not alone. If you value your vision – we suggest you avoid these seven common mistakes.

First, Sleeping in your contact lenses.

It is common to not only sleep in your contact lenses, but not care for them properly. It is important to change your contacts as suggested by the manufacture.

Not caring properly for your contact lenses can lead to a cornea ulser (10-15 times greater). Additionally, you’re depraving your eyes of oxygen which can cause long term eye issues. If you do fall asleep with your contacts in, wait 20-30 minuets and lubricate them with artificial tears before removing. There can be damage to the cornea if they are just removed from the eye.

Looking for an easier way to wear contacts? TRY DAILIES! They come in all prescriptions, so if you have a multi-focal prescription, we can still fit you with contact lenses. Astigmatism? No problem! Dailies take the worry out of contact lenses.

Dailies seem out of budget? Remember, dailies require no solution. Some brands have money saving coupons for annual purchases. Contact our office for more details. They give the ability to toss them daily. Making them easier than any other contact. There is no excuse for you not to take care of your dailies. They are convenient – take seven or eight pairs of contact lenses on a week-long vacation and don’t worry about packing solution! Camping? Easily take them out and toss when you don’t have the proper conditions.

For more information or to schedule a contact fitting, please contact our offices today!

Second, touching or rubbing your eyes.

You may not think of touching, or rubbing, your eyes as a risky eye health behavior – but it is! Rubbing those itchy eyes may seem natural, but if you rub too hard or too much this could lead to broken blood vessels. Rubbing too hard can also cause inflammation.

It also isn’t sanitary. When removing and inserting contacts, it is always important to wash your hands. On the same token, your hands can collect dirt and germs. By touching or rubbing your eyes you can spread bacteria. Just like you can get sick from another person coughing or sneezing on something that enters your mouth, you can also get sick from germs entering your eyes.

So, remember to wash often and try to keep your hands out of your eyes!

Third, not getting an annual eye exam.

Annual exams are often an afterthought. They are not always valued. But when you need your vision you want it to be there. Vision changes are not the only reason to have annual exams. Most eye diseases are undetectable until they are no longer reversible. By getting an annual exam, and dilation or optos – contact us for more details – you are allowing a professional to check your eyes for signs of eye disease.

The brain is a magical thing, it can trick our brains into thinking our vision is fine. The truth is, many people have lost most of their vision before they realize it’s gone. The brain corrects for spots, floaters, or other things that can affect vision. Therefore, it is crucial to get an annual exam to ensure your eye health is spot on!

Fourth, staring at devices all day.

This day in age, it is very difficult to get away from screen time. Although there are times where it is unavoidable. There are harmful rays that are coming off of device screens affecting your eyes.

Always follow the 20/20 rule. For every 20 min on a device, stare away from the screen for 20 seconds. Also, be sure to blink! You may not even be aware of how focused you are on the screen.

Do your eyes every feel tired, dry, or uncomfortable? It is possible that you are looking at too many screens during the day. We can help! There is an anti-reflective coating, called blue AR, that blocks the bad light coming off technology. If you want to get more information or pricing, contact us today!

Fifth, applying eye make up on your water line – or sleeping in your makeup.

Beauty can have a cost. Don’t let your vision be one! Placing eyeliner on the water line of your eye can cause particals to go into your eye. This can cause air deprivation. Additionally, liquid eye liner can be a great place for bacteria to grow.

Sleeping in makeup can cause clogged glands and styes. Extended wear of false eyelashes can provide a way for the glue to get into the eye. This can cause clogging or oxygen deprivation as well.

Sixth, not caring for your contact lens solution.

It may seem simple. Why are there rules about contact solution? You may not know this, but the solution actually kills harmful bacteria that grows on contact lenses. If you are skipping the proper procedures you may be killing helpful ingredients.

On the same token, using expired solution can cause issues. Again, the solution needs to work together with all of the ingredients to sanitize the lens. If any of the components are compromised they can’t do their job.

The two most common mistakes – leaving your solution lid open (this allows bacteria to grow) or adding more solution to your contact lens case. This can create a plethora of eye issues.

Seven, not wearing sunglasses every day of the year.

Colorado sees 300+ days of sun every year, so it is crucial to protect your eyes. UV rays have proven to be harmful to vision. Although we can fit you in some stylish prescription sunglasses, they serve a greater purpose than style.

Not having proper protection can result in corneal burns, skin cancer on the eyelids, visible spots on the whites of the eyes, and more. Also, remember that the sun glare off the snow can be the most harmful. Checkout our sunglass selection today! Also, ask our staff about second pair discount. This deal can help you get prescription sunglasses at a great price!

Annual exams are at the top of the list for maintaining optimal eye health. Visit our website to schedule your appointment today!