Halloween Contact Lenses – Order your lenses by October 18th so they arrive on time!

What are Halloween contact lenses?

Halloween contact lenses have been called many things. Colored contacts, spooky eyes, and novelty lenses. When we are looking at Halloween contact lenses, we are talking about a specific medically approved contact lens that has a fun Halloween feel.

Can I wear Halloween contacts over regular contacts?

Halloween contacts are just like any other contact in that they are not designed to be layered. Layering contacts can lead to ongoing eye health issues.

Are contact lenses safe?

Halloween lenses have the same risks as any other contact lenses. These risks are amplified if you are not getting your Halloween contact lenses from a reparable medical clinic. Ordering contact lenses online will save you money, but also put your vision at risk.

Other top issues that can occur with contact lenses are:

  1. Blockage of oxygen supply to the eyes – since contact lenses, some are better than others, can decrease oxygen supply to the eyes, its important to follow best practices to avoid any issues that can occur with limiting oxygen supply to your eyes
  2. Dry Eyes – this is the most common side effects in contact lens users
  3. Irritation when combined with medications – some medications can have a higher rate of issues, such as birth control
  4. Diminished corneal reflex – This is the reflex in the eye that closes the eye lid in the case of danger
  5. Corneal Abrasion – typically this occurs with dry eyes or extracting carelessly. This can cause a tear in the eye
  6. Pink Eye – again, this is greatly reduced with proper contact lens care, but bacteria can get into the contact lens causing pink eye or eye infections
  7. Ptosis – this is when eyelids can start drooping and cannot open fully. Soft contact lenses tend to have a lower rate
  8. Corneal Ulcer – an infection in the eye that can affect the cornea causing blindness if not treated

Can I get Halloween lenses from your office?

YES! All three of our locations carry Halloween contact lenses. You can get them with and without prescription. If you are wanting to know more contact us today!