How Important is your Iris?

The iris of the eye is the colored area around your pupil. It has a purpose, it’s not just a coloration. The iris is found in most animals and birds. Its thin, circular structure controls the size of the pupil and the amount of light reaching the retina.

When looking at the camera analogy we have talked about in past blogs, the pupil is the eye’s aperture, but the iris is the diaphragm. Controlling the light that comes in and out of the camera lens.

The study of the iris has been of interest to humans since ancient times. Some individuals feel the iris, like the unique imprint of the hand, can determine your destiny! This thought is solidified by the thought that the iris’ color can chance throughout one’s life, but the pattern never changes.

The identification, scientifically, that the iris had its own unique pattern started in the 1950s. At this time, professionals recognized that the patterns and characteristics of the iris could be used to ID people. Enter movies with eye scanners! Actual systems with algorithms used for scanning the iris, identifying as many as 240 unique features, wasn’t used until much later. The iris has five times as many defining features as a fingerprint making it a lower error rate than one in a million when it’s correlated with other biometric scanning like fingerprinting or facial recognition. Making it ten times less common for an iris scan to have false recognition than facial scans.

Who knows where this technology will take us in the future, but if this article has you thinking your EYES need a check-up, don’t hesitate to contact us today!