Local doctors go international to serve hundreds on a medial missions trip

Two of our optometrists head to Belize.

Imagine, never seeing clearly in your entire life. Or worse, suffering from severely blurred vision secondary to a high prescription. Without the medical care necessary to produce a prescription for corrective eyewear.

This thought inspires two of our optometrists to travel to Brazil. Specifically working with an underserved population living in and around the favelas of Brasilia. Dr. Owens and Dr. James are not only part of a medical team, but are also providing eyecare to around 100 people per day.

Most noteworthy, part of the purpose of this trip is to identify prescriptions and distribute donated glasses. Drs. Owens and James are also treating patients stricken with eye diseases and infections. In many cases, these infections presented during these types of medical missions threaten a patients sight. Without the proper diagnosis and treatment these disease can potentially leading to blindness.

How can you help?

Have old eye glasses you don’t need? Want to help? Please consider donating your glasses. They could change a life!

We warmly welcome glasses donated for redistribution. These glasses give the gift of sight. Our patients donations will be distributed to patients in Brazil that need them, but do not have the ability to get them any other way. We accept glasses donations at all of our locations, Denver Vision, Roaring Fork Vision, and Vail Vision.

For more information, please contact our Communications Director.

About our Vision Group

All of the doctors at the Rocky Mountain Vision Group consider philanthropic work to be part of the “culture of the practice.” As such, we routinely participate in medical relief work around the world, as well as in our own communities. Our patients flexibility with respect to our doctor’s philanthropic schedules when booking appointments is greatly appreciated! Of course, with five Optometrists and two Ophthalmologists on our team, we are well staffed to meet our patients needs for full service eyecare while our doctors are out of the country.

Watch our social media and website for an update – and photos – when the doctors return from their trip. Until then, all of our team wishes you a wonderful day!