What are the seven eye health mistakes YOU may be making?

At the start of a new year, our health focus is on things like vowing to lose that extra 20lbs or ensuring you make it to the gym three times a week. Often times we forget about eye health.

Protecting your vision as you age is crucial if you want to see from your prime and into retirement. There are several ways to ensure your eye health is in check. health.com identified nine eye health risks, I picked the top seven I think everyone should be focused on!

Skipping your annual eye exams. Coming in each year for an eye exam is crucial in identifying potential eye health risks and eye diseases, fit patients with the proper eye wear, and check for possible broken blood vessels or tumors before they impact your eye health. Don’t wait! Schedule your yearly exam today. Denver Vision is open select evenings and on Saturdays to fit your busy schedule.

Poking and prodding your eyes. Rubbing and touching your eyes can put them at risk. If you continually have dry or irritated eyes, contact Denver Vision to schedule an appointment with me to find the root cause of eye irritation and a solution for relief.

Sunglasses – YEAR ROUND. We live in Colorado so it’s no secret we have more sunny days than any other state. Although this increases our Vitamin D and allows for outdoor activities year-round, it is also crucial that sunglasses are worn every time you are outside. The known risks of exposure to UV rays are real from corneal burns to cataracts and macular degeneration. Denver Vision is stocked with fashionable and affordable sunglasses. To see what brands we carry, click here.

Smart devices and backlighting. Remember, take a break from devices and computers periodically to protect your eyes. I recommend for every 1 hour of using your device to look 20 feet away for 20 seconds every 20 min. Set your phone timer so you remember to take these crucial breaks leading to better eye health in this technological world!

Misusing your contact lenses. The bottle says “no-rub” that means I don’t have to clean my contacts, right? WRONG! This is a huge misconception that can lead to eye infections. For more tips on contact lens care, visit denvervision.org.

Do not sleep in your contact lenses. At Denver Vision we are happy to meet with you and discuss your contact lens needs. We can help you find the best match for your needs and ensure a high-quality fit as well as discussing the pros and cons of extended wear contact lenses.

For the ladies – eye makeup! Putting eyeliner too close to your eye can cause for it to mix with your tears. In addition, if you are using contact lenses makeup can coat them depriving your eyes of oxygen leading to long term eye health risks and infections. Are you remembering to remove your eye makeup before bed?If not, this can also lead to eye (and other) health risks. It is crucial to prevent eye infections by removing makeup prior to bed. It is recommended to replace your eye makeup every three to four months.

Avoid potential eye health risks, schedule your annual exam to ensure your eye health is optimal TODAY – call 303.937.8655 now!