Denver Vision’s Holiday Hours

Monday 11/22/2021: CLOSED Tuesday 11/23/2021: 10:00 a.m – 05:00 p.m Wednesday 11/24/2021: 09:00 a.m – 03:00 p.m Thursday 11/25/2021 – Monday 11/29/2021: CLOSED Denver Vision will resume back to normal business hours on Tuesday, November 30th, 2021... More

Effective Tuesday, October 19, 2021, Denver Vision will have modified business hours until Tuesday, October 26, 2021.

Modified business hours will be as follows: Monday 10/18/2021: CLOSED Tuesday 10/19/2021: 10:00 a.m – 5:00 p.m Wednesday 10/20/2021: 10:00 a.m – 05:00 p.m Closed From 01:00 p.m – 02:00 p.m Thursday 10/21/2021: 10:00 a.m – 05:00 p.m Friday 10/22/2021: 09:00 a.m – 05:00 ... More

Denver Vision Labor Day Hours

Monday 08/30/2021: CLOSED Tuesday 08/31/2021: 10:00 a.m – 06:30 p.m Wednesday 09/01/2021: 09:00 a.m – 05:00 p.m (Closed between 01:00 p.m – 02:00 p.m) Thursday 09/02/2021: 10:00 a.m – 06:30 p.m Friday 09/03/2021: 09:00 a.m – 05:00 p.m Saturday 09/04/2021 – Monday ... More

It is one of the biggest deals in Shark Tank history… does it work for Macular Degeneration?

If you have been following our blogs, you know that we have been talking a lot about Macular Degeneration. We want to give a brief overview for those of you who do not know, but also look at this powerful relief in CBD gummies created by two sisters, Donna and Rosy Khalife. What is Macular Degenerat... More

Once low vision always low vision… maybe not!

Being a low vision individual is challenging. It can be so frustrating to loose vision or not be able to see the way the rest of the world can. Our Denver Vision eye doctor specializes in low vision. What is low vision? Low vision is a condition in which a patient’s vision loss cannot be corrected... More

Dry Eye Disease or Dry Age-Related Macular Degeneration

We know. We are always throwing out eye diseases at you! Today we will look at dry eyes. Specifically chronic dry eyes. Addressing both diseases helps patients determine what is affecting their vision. Dry Eye Disease Dry Eye Disease is a chronic condition. There is no permanent cure. Eyes need tear... More

Boom! It’s time to talk about vision.

Celebrating Independence Day is always one of my favorite holidays. The summer days, BBQs, time with friends. These festivities create challenges for your eyes. Moreover, it is important to be careful where you are lighting fireworks. This is not the only challenge to your vision this holiday. Start... More

Denver Vision’s Holiday Hours – 4th of July 2021

Holiday business hours for our Denver Vision Location will be as follows: Monday 06/28/2021: CLOSED Tuesday 06/29/2021: 10:00 a.m – 06:30 p.m Wednesday 06/30/2021: 09:00 a.m – 05:00 p.m (Closed between 01:00 p.m – 02:00 p.m) Thursday 07/01/2021: 10:00 a.m – 06:30 p.m Friday 0... More

What does 20/20 vision actually mean?

An eye doctor will sometimes say your vision is 20/20. Some people are proud of their better than 20/20 vision. In those cases, 20/15 vision may come up. You may also hear someone that has a cataract refer to their vision as 20/100. So what does all of this mean? Do I need to have 20/20 vision? What... More

Blepharitis… What is it?

Blepha… what? Yeah we know. It is a mouth full! Blepharitis (bleh-fr-ai-tuhs) is actually fairly common. It is eyelid swelling that can also cause discharge and crusty eyelashes. As a result, it is often called chronic blepharitis just because it is, by nature, difficult to cure. There is about a ... More

Why do I have the eye color I have? It doesn’t match my parents?

Have you ever wondered why your eye color can differ? You may think that it is genetic related, which is true, but some studies are finding it is not that easy. A study identified fifty new genes for eye color in a genetic study of 195,000 people across Europe and Asia. What is this study? Essential... More

What contact lens solution is right for me?

There are several types of contact lenses There are tons of contact lens options. If you are looking at using contact lenses, and maybe only using them 25% of the time, daily contact lenses are wonderful. They are a one-time wear and toss. This is great for vacations or if you plan on wearing contac... More

Denver Vision’s Modified hours April 26th to May 2nd

Effective Monday, April 26th, 2021, Denver Vision will have modified business hours through Tuesday, May 4th, 2021. Monday – April 26th: CLOSED Tuesday – April 27th: 09:00 a.m – 05:00 p.m (Closed between 01:00 p.m -02:00 p.m) Wednesday – April 28th: 10:00 a.m – 05:30 p.... More

My nighttime driving is changing, can I do anything to help?

One of the first signs that there is a vision change is night driving, headaches, and blurred vision. We see a lot of patients who come in due to their inability to see while driving at night. Today, we want to address this and what you can do to protect yourself and others on the road. How to asses... More

A little break…with vision humor!

As most of you know, finding a COVID vaccine as a 16+ individual isn’t easy. We thought you might need a laugh to take your mind off of it. So this blog we wanted to show off some vision humor!!! Jokes about glasses: I think you are spectacular! Why did the phone wear glasses? Because it lost all ... More

Are my eyes getting more sensitive as I get older?

I don’t know about you, but I am feeling my age! COVID-19 has kept us indoors more than usual. In addition, this huge March snowstorm put my eyes sensitivity over the top. As a result, we want to look into eye sensitivity. What causes this? Why is it so bad? Are there factors that make it worse? I... More

Our Roaring Fork Vision location moved!!

We’ve moved (but not far) diagonally across from our previous location, just past Mezzaluna next to Wienerstube! Our new address is: 341 Market Street Basalt, CO 81621 Call us at (970) 927-2020 for more information, or to schedule today!

Covid-19 Vaccine – do we need to worry about our vision?

This pandemic continues to change the way the world operates. We continue to see emergency approval for vaccines as they distribute through out the country. There are so many worries with coronavirus vaccines. We wanted to look specifically into vision. As you may know, COVID-19 can cause vision iss... More

Vision and diabetes. What you need to know.

Can the development of Type 2 diabetes be changed by simply changing your meal schedule? New research suggests that there could be a correlation in the time of day an individual eats and Type 2 diabetes. The study looks at participants during interviews over 10-weeks. All were under the age of 65 wh... More

Is Colorado the sunniest state?

Colorado’s sunshine glows an average of 300 days a year. As one of the sunniest states, protecting your vision is a priority. Between altitude, snow, and sun protecting your eyes from UV rays is just as important as sunscreen. Why is there a greater risk of sun exposure in Colorado? According to t... More

Do you know these health facts? Test yourself now!

If you read our blogs, you know we have really focused our 2021 news on preventative care. As we continue to see COVID not only changing our economy, how we interact with others, and where our country is heading but also healthcare. All health is important as it tends to link together. For example, ... More

Warning signs of a vision problem

As we continue to navigate our new world with COVID, we see many patients putting off care. We completely understand, but also want to provide education to patients regarding when to be treated. Here are some signs you may have a vision problem. Please keep in mind, many vision problems have no symp... More

Can you measure glaucoma at home?

As we continue to see an era of COVID-19 it is even more important now than ever to monitor health from home. As a result, we want to ensure our patients are looking for symptoms of health diseases. Remember, this does not replace an annual vision exam as many eye issues do not show symptoms until p... More

COVID and Children’s vision

As we continue to navigate these unprecedented times, it is clear that our kids continue to endure changes. From not being able to get out, to school closures, online learning, and other changes. Today, we want to look at specifically children’s vision and how the pandemic could be causing increas... More

Dry Eyes and COVID

If you have lived in Colorado for any amount of time, it is likely you have experienced how drying the winters here can be. Chapped lips. Dry hands. Watering eyes. If you are new to Colorado, or just traveling through, chances are you are still aware of the low humidity and drying nature of Colorado... More

Thanksgiving Week Hours

Denver Vision: Closed Thanksgiving Week Roaring Fork Vision: Closed at 2pm on November 24th and closed all day November 25th to November 27th Vail Vision: Closed November 26th and November 27th  

All About polarized lenses

If you’re native to Colorado, it is no secret that polarized lenses are a necessity all year. From the snowy mountains, to the busy city, the sun is amazing here! So, before you grab your next pair of shades, here are some things you need to know. The Top Facts to Know About Polarized Lenses Polar... More

What is strabismus?

What is this random word? Most of you are most likely new to the term strabismus. It is optical speak for, crossed eyes. What causes strabismus? Several different issues can create crossed eyes. Sometimes it is the muscles in the eye. Other times it may be how the brain communicates with the eye. In... More

Nutrition for your eyes.

With the pandemic, I’m sure many of you are ready to skip right to the new year! We are too! So today, we want to look at new year new you… nutrition and eye health. Although it may not seem true, there are nutrients that have shown to help with eye health. Not just eating carrots makes healthy ... More

Has it been a while since you saw an eye doctor? Here is what to expect.

With the pandemic, we understand it has been difficult for patients to come into see us. As we continue to take CDC recommendations and apply them to our clinic, we have noticed more patients feel comfortable coming to see us. We want to help you feel safe. The best way to do that is to educate pati... More

What are your glasses made of?

You may notice that you have two major types of glasses. Frames that are metal and plastic. This is correct, but there is so much more than within these two groups. They can also be broken down even further. If you’re looking for some advice on what types of frames to get next, we are here to help... More

How do I make out my contact lens prescription?

It may seem complicated when you walk out of your exam with a contact lens prescription. No, we do not put them in a secret code! In optics, there are a lot of abbreviations. We believe education is one of the most important services we provide our patients. We want to help you read your contact len... More

Smoke and Vision

If the pandemic wasn’t enough of a concern, we are now faced with smoke and haze in Colorado. As many of you may have noticed, your vision may be affected. We have several offices around the state. Each of which have noticed more patients experiencing smoke irritation. With wildfires across Colora... More

2020 A Year to Remember

Like many of you, we started 2020 reaching for the stars. What a great year in vision, right? How many fun things could we do with this year? As we stared strong, we were quickly faced with having an office in the first area of infection for COVID-19. Then, as the virus and concerns spread, so did o... More

Does UV light really damage your vision?

YES! UV radiation, from natural sunlight or artificial UV rays, can damage your vision. In Colorado we see so much sunlight, and with the altitude we are closer to the sun, that we have an even higher risk for our vision to be affected by UV rays. What is UV Light? UV (ultraviolet) light or radiatio... More

Denver Vision’s Winter Hours

Please note our new winter hours! Sunday and Monday: CLOSED Tuesday: 10am – 7pm Wednesday: 9am – 4pm Thursday: 10am – 7pm Friday: 8am – 5pm Saturday: 9am – 4pm If you have any questions, please call 303-937-8655 for more information.... More

How do you know when you need to see an eye doctor?

Although we are in the industry, so we know the importance of annual exams, people who are not familiar with the optical filed may question why they need to get in for annual exams. So we wanted to list out seven signs that you may need to see an optometrist. What are the seven signs you need to see... More

Can rubbing your eyes hurt them?

Rubbing your eyes is a natural response. Just think of even the tiniest of babies. What do they do when they are tired? Rub their eyes. What do you do when your eyes itch? Rub them. It is so natural, but it may only provide temporary relief for a bigger issue or it may create a bigger issue. What is... More

When is it important to protect your eyes?

Safety glasses or regular glasses? We understand the decision is not cut and dry. There are so many individuals that need safety glasses for work, so they are able to purchase a regular pair and a safety pair, but what if you’re not in a line of work that requires these? Do you still need them? Th... More

Tell me more about how diabetic eye disease!

If you read our last blog, you learned about how sleep apnea and diabetes can affect your vision. After reading our last blog, individuals with diabetes may be concerned about their vision. So today, we want to look at ways you can protect your eyes. What is diabetes? Diabetes is a disease that affe... More

Is your sleep related to blindness?

Could how well you sleep be affecting your eyes? Studies may show sleeping and diabetes are linked A recent study shows diabetic with severe sleep apnea are at higher risk of treatment-resistant diabetic macular edema, a complication of diabetes that can cause vision loss or blindness. So,... More

Halloween is one week away – don’t compromise your vision!

More than just nostalgic contact lenses, there are other risks to your vision on Halloween. Since we are just one week out, we wanted to remind everyone of some tips to follow to keep your eyes safe this holiday! Some of the top spooky eye injuries we see are: Glitter – and other fun makeup It’s... More

Is it important to check your infants’ vision?

Being a first-time parent is difficult, even for royalty! As Megan Markle opens up about the struggles of being a first time mom with the spotlight on her, we wanted to touch on the topic of infant eye care. Infant Vision Vision in infants is unknown. They cannot tell us things are blurry, or they a... More

Halloween Contact Lenses – Order your lenses by October 18th so they arrive on time!

What are Halloween contact lenses? Halloween contact lenses have been called many things. Colored contacts, spooky eyes, and novelty lenses. When we are looking at Halloween contact lenses, we are talking about a specific medically approved contact lens that has a fun Halloween feel. Can I wear Hall... More

How Important is your Iris?

The iris of the eye is the colored area around your pupil. It has a purpose, it’s not just a coloration. The iris is found in most animals and birds. Its thin, circular structure controls the size of the pupil and the amount of light reaching the retina. When looking at the camera analogy we have ... More

10 Signs you May Need Vision Correction

This day in age it is so easy to forget about your vision health. Today, more than any other time, we are on our phones, tablets, computers, and straining our eyes more than ever! It is important to look at your health, specifically vision health. Who needs vision correction? Over half the populatio... More

Want the Eyelashes of your Dreams? There may be a risk!

The beauty industry has continued to grow through the years as the technology continues to adapt and change. YouTube has continued to create a platform for artists to expand what consumers know about beauty and create new lines within the industry. The global cosmetics market is worth an estimated $... More

Did a Teen Really go BLIND from their Diet?

You may or may not have seen this news story that spread like wildfire last week. This story was an extreme case in which a 17-year old boy had developed permanent sight loss after he only ate French fries, Pringles, and white bread. YES! Eating a diet without any nutrition is going to have long ter... More

Denver Vision’s New Hours!

Denver Vision’s hours have updated, starting September 1, 2019 Please note our new hours: Monday – CLOSEDTuesday – 8am – 5pmWednesday – CLOSEDThursday/Friday – 10am – 7pmSaturday – 8am – 5pmSunday – CLOSED... More

What is monovision and can it help me?

As we age our eye muscles start to deteriorate and we have trouble focusing on things that are close. This typically occurs around the age of forty but is different for everyone. A sign is if you are constantly lifting your current distance correction glasses to read a menu at a restaurant. Or askin... More

As back to school is on our minds – the question remains. When should we get our kids in for their first eye exam?

Research shows that 25% of children entering school have vision related issues. This statistic can be concerning, but keep in mind the American Optometric Association (AOA) recommends three eye exams prior to entering school. So when should a child get an eye exam? Once vision has been established, ... More

As the heat continues to rise – don’t forget to protect your eyes!

Vision is so important, but often times it is hard to remember to protect until the damage is done. This could not be truer than when it comes to protecting those eyes from the sun. It’s easy to use sun screen to protect our skin, but what about the sunscreen for your eyes? If you have a prescript... More

Does Sleeping in Contacts Really Hurt Your Eyes?

YES! It is so common that people sleep in their contacts without knowing the repercussions. The CDC found that six out of seven contact lens users violate some safe practices of contact lens wearing daily. So more than anything, let’s talk about the eye and why it is important to properly care for... More

Four Conditions that Can Affect Vision

Spring is in the air, or at least the snow storms are not lasting on the ground as long! This can mean dry eyes. Although dry eyes are a common vision issue, we treat, sometimes dry eyes are actually something more serious. Such as, light sensitivity (this includes anyone who finds they are bothered... More

A MUST Read for Contact Lens Users

Many contact lens users are not caring for their lenses correctly. Many use the common excuses, “I clean them really well” or “I am not sure how long its been since I changed my contacts, but they feel fine.” Although these are common excuses, we are here to educate you on wh... More

March is workplace vision month!

Do you think about your vision in the workplace? Often times in the workplace, especially during the first quarter, many companies may emphasize the importance of health. Take a moment to think. What would you say if someone asked you about your health? More often than not, the conversation moves to... More

Help! Red Eyes!

It is winter. Which means – for some of us – dry, itchy, and red eyes. Today, we are going to look specifically at red eyes or subconjunctival hemorrhage. What do you need to know? There are several things that can cause the blood vessels in the eyes to burst creating the redness in t... More

Roaring Fork Vision’s Hours Updated

You asked for it – we delivered! Patients requested one night a week with extended hours, or late start, so we have changed our hours on Wednesday. We open at 10am and take our last appointment at 5:30pm. The office will stay open until 6:30pm. For more information, contact us today!... More

What is that puff of air for again?

We all hate it. The puff of air at your eye exam. Although many practices now use an Icare unit, the science behind the test is what we are looking at today. Is it necessary to endure something so uncomfortable EVERY year? And what is this ‘Icare’ unit? Unfortunately, yes it is. Eye dise... More

Are your Colorado dry eyes bothering you? You may suffer from dry eye syndrome.

Dry eye syndrome affects, an estimated, 40 million people worldwide – 16 million in the United States. That is not the only scary statistic. Doctors expect chronic dry eyes to increase exponentially (to approximately 29 million in the US) over the next 10-15 years. This can be thanks to our use of... More

10 Year Challenge

Sometime in your 40s, it gets harder to see close up, but you can see things far away just fine. This is called presbyopia. In spite of the big name, it isn’t a disease. It’s a natural part of the aging process. And it’s easy to correct. So if your 10-year challenge looks like this image R... More

How Hard Did Aging Hit You?

Yes! We HAD to join in on this fun game – the 10 year challenge! So… we have to ask, when was your last eye exam? Wondering if your vision has changed? Then Contact us today to schedule your annual eye exam. This image could be YOUR VISION – your most valuable sense!... More

Happy New Year!

As 2019 is upon us, we are all scrambling to keep our resolutions. According to statista, the statistics portal, 53% of American’s are looking to save money in the new year while 45% are looking to improve their health. So, we decided to LOOK at something that can save you both money and health, s... More

Feeling eye fatigue? Even if you’re not over 50 you may feel like you need reading glasses? We can help!

Many people are feeling eye fatigue at younger ages. This could be due to the amount of time we spend with more items closer to our eyes. Now so much can be done on tablets and smart phones, our close-up screen time is increasing. As a result, we have several options at our offices to help different... More

Can sunny day’s harm your kids?

How is sun affecting your kids? It is hard to know what weather to expect day to day living in Colorado. This year has been especially strange weather. We REALLY never know what to expect. In 2017, we hit close to the 80s in November and December. Half of Colorado complained of the heat and half wer... More

Vail Vision Presents…

The Lafont Paris  Trunk Show! We invite you to discover the entire Lafont collection on Thursday, August 2nd from 12:00pm-4:00pm!   To meet with a stylist, call our offices at 970-926-8474 to make an appointment and find your next pair of perfect frames!   Questions? Email us at info@vailvision.... More

Is staring at your computer affecting your eyes?

Your computer may be causing eyestrain In this day in age, most people work on a computer. Even if it is minimal. Others, may spend 8 – 15 hours looking at a computer screen. As there is an increase in screen time, there have also been theories about how screens affect our eyes. Many studies h... More

Are you making eye health mistakes?

If you are making mistakes, don’t worry you’re not alone. If you value your vision – we suggest you avoid these seven common mistakes. First, Sleeping in your contact lenses. It is common to not only sleep in your contact lenses, but not care for them properly. It is important to change your c... More

Denver Vision is extending our celebration of Mother’s Day through the entire month of May!

Mention you’re a Mom (or Motherly figure) to one of our staff members when you book an appointment at Denver Vision and receive, as our gift, a complimentary Optos Retinal Photograph of the inside of your eyes during your Eye Exam ($39 value).  This method of imaging represents the pinnacle of ne... More

May is healthy Vision Month

Becoming blind can evoke fear in almost anyone. Being able to see for a job. Watching your children and grandchildren grow up. Seeing the seasons change. All of these are crucial for almost anyone. That is why the National Eye Institute (NEI) has declared May Healthy Vision Month. As a matter of fac... More

End of the year Holiday Hours

Please take note of our December Holiday Hours All of our offices will be closed on Monday, December 25, 2017. Vail Vision and Roaring Fork Vision will reopen on Tuesday, December 26, 2017. Denver Vision will reopen on Wednesday, December 27, 2017. Additionally, we will not be open on Monday, Januar... More

Have you taken full advantage of the eye care portion of YOUR FLEX spending account?

It is the end of the year which means it’s time to use your flexible spending account (FSA) – use it or lose it! What is a flex spending account and why should you spend it with us? If you are wondering we have the answers for you! What is an FSA? An FSA (also known as a flexible spending ar... More

Holiday Hours

Please note our holiday hours for this week, November 20th. Vail Vision Monday : 8:00 am- 5:00 pm Tuesday : 8:00 am- 7:00 pm Wednesday : 8:00 am- 5:00 pm Thursday : CLOSED Friday : CLOSED Saturday : 9:00 am- 4:00 pm For more details, contact our office at 970-926-8474. Roaring Fork Vision Please not... More

Local doctors go international to serve hundreds on a medial missions trip

Two of our optometrists head to Belize. Imagine, never seeing clearly in your entire life. Or worse, suffering from severely blurred vision secondary to a high prescription. Without the medical care necessary to produce a prescription for corrective eyewear. This thought inspires two of our optometr... More

Protecting Your Eyes

Every year, January starts the National Eye Care Month. Although January has already slipped by, and we are ending out February, doesn’t mean you can’t start a happier healthier lifestyle! There are several ways to ensure a year of good eye health – today, we are going to look at the top three... More

How to find the perfect glasses for you!

So many of my patients have a hard time finding glasses. So, here are a few tips on how to find a pair that you will LOVE! First, figure out what face shape you have. ​ There are seven basic face shapes. I always say you should be able to find one of these that are close to your face shape. Oval... More

What are the seven eye health mistakes YOU may be making?

At the start of a new year, our health focus is on things like vowing to lose that extra 20lbs or ensuring you make it to the gym three times a week. Often times we forget about eye health. Protecting your vision as you age is crucial if you want to see from your prime and into retirement. There are... More

Do you know basic first aid if you have an eye injury? Read how to protect your eyes!

I know it is so easy to say that it won’t happen to you. There are things you can do to protect your eyes and help your eyes if an injury was to occur. Protecting your eyes is so important. I have written a few blogs that cover how to protect your eyes during physical activities. This can p... More