What contact lens solution is right for me?

There are several types of contact lenses

There are tons of contact lens options. If you are looking at using contact lenses, and maybe only using them 25% of the time, daily contact lenses are wonderful. They are a one-time wear and toss. This is great for vacations or if you plan on wearing contact lenses but do not want a monthly lens that expires. Monthly lenses will expire after a month of opening. Yes, this included is they are not warn. Over time proteins can build up on lenses creating an assortment of vision issues.  Daily lenses are also the most comfortable since they are very thin and lightweight.

Other popular lenses are monthly contact lenses. These are great for patient that wear contact often. We want patients to have a pair of classes to complement your contact lenses as it is good to give your eyes a break. Having a backup pair of glasses is great for nighttime and taking contacts out a few hours before bed. If there is an issue in which you cannot wear contact lenses for a period of time.

A less popular lens is the gas permeable lenses. These are also known as rigid gas permeable lenses (RGP). RGP’s use a non-flexible material. They are long lasting, custom made, less likely to transmit infection.

If you are curious which contact lenses would work best for your vision, schedule an appointment with one of our optometrists today!

Contact Solutions

Today we are going to focus on monthly contact lens wearers. This is because it is the most common contact lens used. Daily contact lenses do not require solution, although it is good to have a travel size in case you need it when placing the lenses inside your eyes.

According to verywellhealth.com, they did a study on the ten best contact lens solutions on the market. They found there are several aspects to look at when picking a contact lens solution that works best for your vision.

Best overall – ReNu Basush Lomb Lens Solution. This contact lens solution has very high ratings. In addition, they claim to kill 99% of bacteria.

Best budget friendly option – Complete multi-Purpose Solution. This solution claims to be able to clean lenses while disinfecting and reducing buildup.

Best for comfort – Opti-Free Purmoist Multi-purpose Disinfecting. This solution claims to not only clean, but also moisturize lenses.

Bet for red eyes – Equate Saline Solution for Sensitive eyes. Although we encourage anyone suffering from red eyes to be seen by an optometrist to address the root cause.

Best for Scleral Lenses – Clear Conscience Multi-Purpose Contact Solution. This solution claims it can not only clean and care for soft contact lenses, but also gas permeable. This contact solution uses a makeup that must be neutralized over time and cannot be placed directly into the eye. Placing this solution directly into the eye can result in a chemical burn on the eye, which is very painful. Contacts must be able to neutralize in the special case provided by the manufacture for six or more hours to be safe to place inside the eye.

What do we think?

We think it is very important to contact your optometrist and have a discussion regarding contact lenses and the solution you are using. Every patient is different, every situation is different. It is important to take into account every aspect from the type of contact lens to the individual’s optic history. If you’re looking for a contact lens solution, let us know! We can help.