What is that puff of air for again?

We all hate it. The puff of air at your eye exam. Although many practices now use an Icare unit, the science behind the test is what we are looking at today.

Is it necessary to endure something so uncomfortable EVERY year? And what is this ‘Icare’ unit?

Unfortunately, yes it is. Eye diseases can develop quickly, so it is important to check your eye health annually.

An Icare unit is a test that can replace the puff of air. It uses a probe to brush the front of the eye. This is not painful, but it can be intimidating to have a probe coming at your eye. Some patients prefer to stick to the traditional NCT unit. Also known as, that annoying puff of air. The one you never expect. It always catches you off guard. It also forces you to blink, and sometimes that means a re-test!

What exactly does that puff of air test mean?

It is a way to measure the pressure in your eye. High eye pressure can signal professionals to test for glaucoma. Glaucoma is an eye condition that damages the eye. Specifically, the optic nerve. This condition will get worse over time. It is typically caused by a buildup of pressure in your eye. Which is why it is so important to test eye pressures every year. Although glaucoma typically onsets later in life, it can present earlier.

The optic nerve transmits images to your brain. Without your optic nerve, vision cannot occur. Without treatment, glaucoma can impair vision causing blindness in a very short amount of time.

Are my eye pressures high?

Eye pressure is measured in millimeters. Normal levels are from 11mmHG to 21mmHG. High pressures are 21 or above. This does not mean all patients in the 20s are at risk. Every person is different and some patients have high eye pressures, naturally.

Can my eye be in danger if I have high eye pressures?

Yes. If your eye pressures are high, it can indicate a greater issue. Your eye health can be at risk. Additionally, glaucoma can develop. Which can lead to vision loss.

I am concerned, what can I do?

The most important thing is to get into your annual exams. Even if your vision does not change, your exams are crucial. It may seem like annually is too much, but it is not. Most eye diseases that result in vision loss can not be reversed. These same diseases can be delayed or prevented if detected early. I don’t know about you, but I know I want to see for a LONG time. So contact our offices now to get an exam and ensure your eyes are healthy!