When is it important to protect your eyes?

Safety glasses or regular glasses? We understand the decision is not cut and dry. There are so many individuals that need safety glasses for work, so they are able to purchase a regular pair and a safety pair, but what if you’re not in a line of work that requires these? Do you still need them? The short answer, yes!

Safety during work and play

Safety glasses are known for jobs that can be hazardous to your eyes. That is not all they are for. Even better news? We have some fashionable lines of safety frames that do not look like those standard goggles!

It is so important to protect your eyes all the time – vision is your most valuable sense! So we want to really educate our patients on the importance of having more than one pair of glasses. Even if you do not have a prescription, there are blue light lenses to protect vision from devices or polarized sunglasses – especially in Colorado. In addition, safety glasses are so important to have. If you are using them for play/home they can be transitioning lenses which will not only protect your eyes from the sun, but also give you some blue light blocking for when you’re looking at screens.

Like we said, best of all, we have some VERY fashionable lines of safety glasses you’re going to love! You can stop by any of our offices during business hours and check them out!

When to wear safety glasses?

There are three different times we recommend you consider a pair of safety glasses, which come in prescription and Plano (nonprescription).

  1. Work: if you are in a profession that requires safety glasses, this is typically communicated to you by your employer. Some common jobs are lab techs, machinists, plumbers, carpenters, laborers, etc. This is for pretty obvious reasons. These jobs come with risks such as flying chemicals or objects that could potential impact the eye and in turn vision.
  2. Play: most sports should require safety glasses, because your eyes are valuable, but if you’re going to pick the riskiest such as hunting, shooting, and paint ball you will definitely want to invest in a good pair of safety frames. Additionally, any sports with objects that fly at you would be a good time to consider safety frames.
  3. Home: Most of us feel super secure at home. Why would we need safety glasses? Although you wouldn’t need them for all activities any yard work or home improvement could put your eyes at risk. Even as simply as hanging a photo could create a risk. Although you may feel safe in regular glasses, they do not have the safety impact that safety glasses are required to have. Additionally, polycarbonate lenses are the only impact resistant lenses. Many individuals have plastic lenses which can shatter on impact.

How can I protect my eyes?

Like we said above, there are SO many great options in vision care, vision frames, and safety fashion. Contact us to learn more about a wraparound anti-reflective safety frame that will work for your lifestyle!