Halloween is one week away – don’t compromise your vision!

More than just nostalgic contact lenses, there are other risks to your vision on Halloween. Since we are just one week out, we wanted to remind everyone of some tips to follow to keep your eyes safe this holiday!

Some of the top spooky eye injuries we see are:

Glitter – and other fun makeup

It’s all fun and gorgeous until glitter gets in your eye! Glitter is a fun and common addition to many Halloween costumes. It can also be dangerous if it gets into your eye. So some important things to remember is to only use glitter that is designed to be on your eye (or near your eye). Along the same lines, many people spice up their costumes with false eyelashes. As fun as this is, be careful and ensure you’re using products made for eyes and that are high quality. Most of all, try and keep anything, even if it’s made to be used near your eyes, out of your eyes!

Contacts – fun to wear, but be ware

Contact lenses to dress up your costume is always fun! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use a reputable vision provider when ordering nostalgic contact lenses. The reason this is so important is because, as with any contact lenses, it is crucial to purchase a sterile pair of lenses. If lenses are not stored and sterilized properly, they can cause damage to your cornea and create infections. Also – if you are not a trained contact lens wearer, it would be beneficial to take lessons. The same rules for prescription contact lenses as fun ones! Make sure you take them out at the end of the night so you’re not sleeping in them. Clean your hands before putting them in your eyes. Use contact lens solution.

Beware of mixing too much witch’s brew with other activates

Halloween eye injuries can sometimes be associated with too much brew. As always, be cautious and diligent when mixing brew with fun festivities and keep your eyes, and other body parts, safe this year!

Careful with the kid’s masks (swords, wands, and other fun things!)

 Just like the brew for the adults, kids tend to get super excited with their masks and are not as careful or diligent as usual creating the perfect storm for a mask injury. Not just from the mask, but also because most masks can block vision – specifically peripheral vision. This can create issues especially when mixing friends costumes that include wands, swords, and running around in the dark! Also, even though glasses can be constraining if your kiddo needs them don’t forget to include them in their costume to avoid vision related injuries like tripping and falling.

All about the sweets …

These are just a few reminders to keep your vision safe this holiday. If you need an annual exam, more tips, or want to ask us anything do not hesitate to reach out today!